Preschool: 310-891-2873 Academy: 310-784-1374
Preschool:  310-891-2873Academy:  310-784-1374


Here are some samples of some of the parties we had here at TLC. Scroll down below to see our procedures.

We encourage celebrating birthdays at our school. Here are a few guidelines that need to be followed.


  1. We will only do parties on Fridays to start at 11:15 am but no later than 11:30am .
  2. Put an invitation in the cubbies of the children on Mondays.
  3. Please provide lunch and beverage for all children as well as the staff.
  4. You may bring “goody bags” if you desire, but it's not mandatory.
  5. Please provide cupcakes or donuts. They are less messy than a cake.
    If you feel you must bring a cake please talk with the director first.
  6. Please provide (2) table cloths, plates, cups, napkins (whatever is needed for lunch).
  7. Be prepared to clean up afterwards. The staff will be busy with the children.
  8. A parent or family member needs to be present and host the party.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office.


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