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Preschool:  310-891-2873Academy:  310-784-1374


January 26, 2018


We had a great time learning about other countries and tasting their yummy food too! The children learned a little about Italy, Korea, Egypt, China, Japan and Israel. They were all excited and were very patient and attentive to each of our volunteer speakers by our very own parents.


November 20, 2018


Each year we gather and have a huge potluck! We love spending time with our TLC family eating good food, and sharing laughter and good chats with eachother. We are thankful for our kids who bring us so much joy to our lives. Here's a little taste of that special day.


December 20, 2018


We had our Christmas Musical that captivated the audience with our children singing and performing for everyone.

From Mary, Joseph, Kings, even a cute star and angel, these beauties really shined bright for all their loved ones. Each year there is a new performance directed by  our very own director Cherie Monahan who has a background in music and theatre.  It is amazing to see all the children's hard work and dedication to these special nights.  You would be surprised to see just what these children can do! It's enough to make your heart melt!


We also allow the children to have their preschool birthday parties with their friends on Fridays! Here is one birthday party we had  for one of our little girls. The kids have such a blast enjoying the celebrations. They sometimes have fun games like musical chairs, they eat lunch (usually pizza), cupcakes or cookies and ice cream, sometimes a pinata, and after they watch the birthday boy/girl open their presents! Everyone enjoys this part!

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