Preschool: 310-891-2873 Academy: 310-784-1374
Preschool:  310-891-2873Academy:  310-784-1374

School Year Classes

We break up our classes by developmental stages the children appear to be in. Starting with the 18 month olds and ending in KIndergarten.

Toddlers - Ages 18 months -2 years


They learn their colors, shapes, numbers as well as understanding textures and interacting with other children in a group environment.  


Transitional 2 & 3 year olds


The transitional two and three year olds are those who are learning  how to understand the alphabet . This is where they acknowledge the letters of the alphabet by sight. These children are at the beginning stage of learning  all the letters and relate them with certain objects in the world.

Three Year Olds


Here is where the children focus more on learning the phonetics of the alphabet. Sounding out the letters, creating crafts that help them identify with each letter as well as building up their motor skills. By the end of this class they should be writing their own names.

Four Year Olds


This class enhances their abilities in writing their letters and sounding them out for the preparation of learning how to read. They are introduced to the vowels and their sounds together with the consonants.



This class continues in learning how to read and is introduced to social studies, math, science and writing.

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